Land based shark fishers and beachgoers are two incompatible groups. Chumming the water for sharks near crowded beaches is exceptionally reckless and puts people's lives in danger. 

There needs to be a separation between fishing and swimming. Fishing attracts sharks that are in the area and looking to feed. Sharks and humans prefer the same nearshore areas, and most attacks occur in shallow water.

The worldwide number of unprovoked shark attacks on humans in 2017 was 88.  Although this number is small in comparison to the millions of people who enter the water, we must eliminate shark attacks precipitated by land-based shark fishing.

As the human population grows along with the popularity of recreational "sport" fishing, your chances of being attacked by a shark also increases.

"George H. Burgess, director emeritus at the Florida Program for Shark Research, said there is "no doubt" that fishing from the shoreline near swimming beaches will attract sharks into an area."  Source -
Sadly the story of Jessica Veatch is one of heartbreak and despair as her daughter was attacked by a bull shark. A group of men were spearfishing at beach where her daughter was swimming. Luckily her daughter made it to the hospital in time and made a full recovery.
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To speak out against land based shark fishing contact the FWC here. People need to be protected against the reckless actions of shark based fishing near crowded beaches. 
Risk to Boaters

Land-based shark fishers put unsuspecting boaters at risk. Land-based shark fishing lines may extend between 100 to 500 yards from the beach. Boaters are often unaware that fishing lines are present and can become stranded when the heavy fishing lines and steel leaders get caught in their boat motor. 


Shark fishers can often be found bragging online about the damage they have caused to the unknowing boaters that unintentionally interfered with their shark fishing activities. 

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