The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is moving forward with changes to regulations on shore-based shark fishing. 12/13/2018

The new rules would require anyone who fishes for shark from the shore to have a no-cost permit, prohibit chumming on the beach, and prohibit delaying the release of certain shark species. 

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Save Florida Sharks 8/22/2018

World Animal News Talks With OneProtest Founder, Adam Sugalski, About Their New “Save Florida Sharks” Campaign & How People Can Help! 

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Dangers of land-based shark fishing​ 8/8/2018

Executive Director of OneProtest, Adam Sugalski was interviewed on First Coast Connect about the dangers of land-based shark fishing. 

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Does fishing off Hilton Head beaches attract more sharks? Here's what experts say​

George H. Burgess, director emeritus at the Florida Program for Shark Research, said there is "no doubt" that fishing from the shoreline near swimming beaches will attract sharks into an area.   "Fishing from the beach or from piers involves putting bait in the water and bait by definition is attractive," Burgess said. "... Bait looking to attract desirable game fish also attracts sharks. And fish struggling frantically on those hooks and lines are highly attractive to predators like sharks."

Death of a predator: big sharks are disappearing - and world's fisheries are suffering as a result​

Overfishing of the ancient predators has lead to a sudden uprising of species they prey on, causing an abundance of skates, rays and smaller sharks, which are steadily devastating populations of shellfish, including scallops, oysters and clams, the researchers claim.

Shore shark fishing could face new state rules​

“I’ve lived fished, surfed and swam on Florida’s beaches my entire life, and I know sharks are always near the shore, that there’s always the risk of an incidental shark bite,” Simmons said. “But shark fishing and blood baiting are specifically intended to attract sharks to a specific area and to provoke feeding in a low visibility surf zone.”

Martin County resident Jessica Veatch recalled the backlash she received on social media after saying that fishing near shore caused a shark to bite her then-3-year-old daughter, Violet, at Bathtub Beach last year.

“Those comments struck me to the bone,” Veatch said. “I didn’t know how fishing at the beach that day would put my child in danger.”

Also, Jim Abernethy of Scuba Adventures in Palm Beach County said people who fish from shore for sharks often thumb their noses at existing state rules about sharks.

It is time the FWC develops new rules to protect beach goers and our environment. Email the FWC and fill out the public comment form at this link and tell them YOU SUPPORT!

  1. A permit requirement for shore-based shark fishermen.

  2. Banning chumming

  3. Banning shore-based shark fishing from guarded beaches or public bathing beaches.

  4. Banning of dry landing of sharks for catch and release. 

  5. Banning any tournament that targets prohibited species of sharks.

  6. Banning the use of kayaks or drones to drop bait offshore. 

  7. The requirement of essential release tools (bolt cutters).

  8. The gear requirement of non-stainless steel, non-offset circle hooks.

  9. Strict enforcement of all land based shark fishing rules.

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